Salman Khan in Affair with Nepali Girl


salman-nepaliIt is the most surprising news for all of us that Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is having affair with a Nepali girl. You might feel it hard to believe but we come to know about this fact yesterday. Salman Khan who is also known as lover-boy of Bollywood has finally found his soul mate. The superstar already had an affair with former miss world and top leading lady of Bollywood Aishwarya Rai who is now the daughter in law of Bollywood legend Mr. Amitab Bachhan and wife of Abhishek Bachhan, struggling actor of Bollywood. Later the lover-boy sets his fate with Katrina Kaif, another leading lady of Bollywood but the bond between Salman and Katrina was not found to be strong enough to tie their relationship and broken up. Nowadays Katrina is having affair with Ranbeer Kapoor, Son of Rishi Kapoor and rising superstar of Bollywood. Few months back topless Ranbeer and Katrina in bikini were found enjoying in the beach side of Spain.

It is being heard that Salman Khan was so hurt because of Ranbeer-Katrina relationship and he was searching for a life partner.  Finally the search ends and the superstar found his dream girl from the lap of Himalayas. Nepal, the most beautiful and peaceful country in the world is going to be the “Sasural” of Salman Khan. The year 2014 is being lucky for the Tiger of Bollywood. Recently he ends his war with another Legend of Bollywood Mr. Shah Rukh Khan in the set of Star Guild Award hosted by him and he gets his lover now. Shah Rukh and Salman was said to be “Jigri Dost” in Indian film industry before 2009. But in the year 2009, on the occasion of Katrina’s Birthday they fought with each other and the Khan war begins. Now finally the war has come to an end everyone in Bollywood wants to see Salman and Shah Rukh sharing the same screen together.

salman-nepalAll of the fans are so curious to know about Salman’s new girlfriend but Salman has not spoken anything about his latest relationship. Probably he might want to keep it secret but we are the lucky one to know about all these in brief. Samita Shrestha is the name of Salman’s new girlfriend. The love story of Salman and Samita is not so old. They first meet in Jaipur where Salman was promoting his new movie “Jai Ho” and Samita was there to see Salman. The heroine of the movie Daisy Shah was not feeling well and only Salman and his brother and director of the film Soheil Khan was talking about the movie and requesting their fans to watch it. But the audience demands Salman to dance on the song “Tere naina…naina….” Salman accepts the audience request and ask for music but at the same time Soheil humorously said that, “Our heroine is not feeling well enough to dance we want one from you guys.” And luckily point his finger to Samita and asked her to come stage and join Salman. Samita feel so unconscious and could not react anything for some times and Salman gently ask her if she is nervous. Samita said, “I cannot believe that I am with you in the same stage. I need someone to pinch me.” Salman slowly pinch her and ask, “Is it ok?” Samita in a smiling face said, “Oh! It’s a dream come true.” Soheil in the other side said, “Was it your dream to get pinched from Salman?” and everyone laughs. Salman then asked Samita about herself,

Salman: What is your name and where are you from?

Samita: (Feeling nervous) my name is Samita Shrestha and I am from Nepal, and I cannot tell you how I am feeling this time. I just want to tell you that I am the huge-huge fan of yours.

Salman: (Smiling gently) It is my pleasure that I have so beautiful fan like you, I truly say that you are the most beautiful girl in the earth.

Samita: (Feeling unconscious) Oh…..!!! (Smiling) Thank you Salman, Thank you so much.

Salman: Are you ready to dance?

Samita: I am always ready for you.

(Both Smiles and start dancing)

When the dance is over Salman asks Samita to go backstage and wait for him. He also goes backstage after the press meet and they have a lot of discussion. At the end Salman calls Smita to Mumbai and they started daily dating there. After few days Salman fix a meeting with his father Salim Khan and Samita and ask him how is she? Salim Uncle appreciates Salman’s choice and now the parents of Samita are going to meet Salman and his family and talk about their relationship. We wish all the best to both Salman and Samita and pray that they may stay happily together forever.

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  1. Amrit Majhi says:

    bakwas ho yo

  2. sagar bhandari says:

    Hlo salman sir;thank you like nepali girs

  3. Gaurabh says:

    Wow, what a wonderful dream!! :-P :-P

    Have you ever thought of writing books?? Well, I guess, you can better plot stories and that can be of a huge success!! Wish you all the best buddy!!!

  4. Deepa Adhikari says:

    Is it true?

  5. s JB says:


  6. chanda says:

    NO…………………………………….it cant be.

  7. chanda oli says:

    No..plz…dont do this to me.M shocked…

  8. chanda oli says:

    I love you soooooooooooooo much salman.

  9. chanda oli says:

    Feeling very depressed with this news.If nepali then M always there for u alot.

  10. chanda oli says:


  11. Salman Khan says:

    We are getting married soon.

  12. Suraj Shresha says:

    Nepali ko billa hanxas ??? name change gar

  13. suresh says:

    la badhai xa

  14. harkaman shahi says:


  15. Kalpak says:

    Haha nice dream Mr. Khan. Wish this story was true.

  16. ras bikash says:

    hahaha congrats sallu ji lol…:)

  17. Lap says:

    जोतको खबर।

  18. nowayout says:

    BTW well crafted plat :) How did you get that name Samita Shrestha? Its hilarious!!

  19. Sapxya says:

    Hahaha,,, enjoyed reading…. Happy Wedding Salman n Samita (News Before Incident !!!) :P :P

  20. hats off 2 ur creativity

  21. Parbate Gurung says:

    Hope this is not just a “one night stand” !!!

  22. mani says:

    ho ni. mero pani sonam kapoor sanga bihe huna lako 6 ;D

  23. Praveen says:

    the website name itself shows that the news is fake…coz read the site URL ..its

  24. Hari Khadka says:

    Salman bhai god bless to both of you for the lovely relationship with Ismita.And proud to be a nepali that your saural will be in Nepal.

  25. pratap gurung says:

    hahaha , ramailo lagyo padhera

  26. Bhuwan ghimire says:

    I dont think so ,
    if its true den ok wish u all the best

  27. avshiek says:

    website name is fake so news also fake ….good job bro :)

  28. samita stha says:

    Why did you disclose our love…? Sallu do not like this!!

  29. Bt says:

    Did you read the site address and the subtitle. please be sure before comment.
    In Fake post
    And Fake Article
    people thinking Really True.

  30. Hritesh says:


  31. nischal says:

    FO Admin

  32. Nawarang says:

    Jun site ko naam nai fakepost cha tyasma k chai sacho (real ) Huna sakcha …I don’t believe this gossip…Eakdum Bakwas…Indian news ma kahi kaati yaako barema bhandai na ….eak dum fake …you r doing good job you fake guys…hahahahaha

  33. jane khan says:

    ho ! she is Sana Khan not a Nepalese girl.. bakwas news…

  34. anju kc says:

    wow is it true or not

  35. Narayan says:

    hi salman vaiya….. whatever it may be, I feel good to hear this really..

  36. auvairniton says:

    Monte right up awesome web-site! Person. Attractive. Superb. Let me save your blog post and also make provides nourishment to additionally? I’m happy to locate numerous techniques throughout this distribute, we would like develop extra tactics for this respect, thank you for expressing.

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